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The present text represents the terms of use of the website and concerns the terms, conditions, declinations and other legal notes for any other page in the present website. The use of this website automatically indicates that you accept the terms of use. In case you do not agree with the terms DO NOT use this website.


Generally, the visitor/user of the website services:

  • Understands and accepts that all pages/services are offered "unedited".
  • Has the responsibility for accessing the services of the website and the respective access may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. internet service providers, charges for staying online).
  • Is exclusively responsible for the equipment and the necessary technological means which allow them access to the website services.
  • In case they wish to register to service(s) they agree to state true, accurate, valid and full information as regards the details asked from them in the relative applications for access to its products/services. They keep and thoroughly update their registry details accordingly, so as to keep them true, accurate, valid, updated and full.

MECHATRON is not responsible for any kind of damage experienced by the visitor/user of the website, which they accessed with their own imitative.


The information and the content contained in the present website are subject to changes according to MECHATRON's free will, without prior notice to the public.


The website belongs to MECHATRON. Users cannot copy, download, reproduce, distribute, intersperse, share, sell, publish and circulate in any way the material from the present website, except for personal, non-profiteering use. In any other case, MECHATRON's written consent is needed. The graphics and pictures that appear on this website are protected by copyright and their reproduction in any way is not allowed, without the consent of the relative beneficiary. Modification of the material or usage for other purposes ia prosecuted.


Every visitor can go about the website without disclosing any personal information. Personal data are only given by the visitors at registration to the website's newsletter. In those cases, data processing complies with L. 2472/1997 and its relative modifications. MECHATRON SOLOR does not trade, sell or rent the email addresses registered in its newsletter in any case (article 11 n. 2472/1997). The visitor/user is registered to the newsletter service voluntarily and can cancel it at any point. Newsletters' content, which is received by the visitor/user of the website is MECHATRONSOLAR's copyright and as such it is protected by the relative terms of Greek and international legislation. MECHATRON SOLAR reserves the right to deny the registration of a person in recipient lists or their deletion from them.


The present website possibly contains links to other websites, constructed by other private individuals or organizations. These links are provided for the users' accommodation. MECHATRON SOLAR is not responsible for any false information or omission contained in these websites, as well as for any damage caused by their use. MECHATRONSOLAR refuses any responsibility for the content of these links, which the user accesses with their own responsibility.

The above terms and conditions of the present website, as well as any modifications they may undergo, are governed and complemented by the Greek and European law and the relative international conditions.

Until Now

> 4.000 installed trackers
> 90 MW installed capacity
> 900 plants
> 500 EPCs

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