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Solar Electric Solution For Parking Lots


The Most Effective Solar Electric Solution For Parking Lots:

Mechatron’s M15kS Gearless Azimuth Tracker



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Invest Less, Save More

  • 30%-50% more kWh from each panel compared with fixed-tilt canopies
  • Fewer panels needed to meet your kWh demand
  • Seasonal tracking means more kWh in the winter
  • 140% more kWh in late afternoon when electric rates are highest









Fits Parking Lots Of Any Shape And Orientation

  • Pole-mounted trackers can be arranged to fit any lot
  • Always tracks accurately no matter which direction the lot faces
  • Sheds rain and snow





Now A Better Investment Than Ever

  • Takes advantage of solar-friendly utility rate schedules
  • May qualify for federal and state tax incentives
  • Lower total cost than any other solar electric solution for parking lots


Proven technology

  • More than 3,600 Mechatron trackers are in service worldwide
  • More than 99.9% up-time
  • Works with all solar panels



To find out how much you can save with clean, reliable solar electric power, ask your local solar installer or call Mechatron at (650) 260 3115

M15kS is a trademark of Mechatron Solar Inc.

Until Now

> 4.000 installed trackers
> 90 MW installed capacity
> 900 plants
> 500 EPCs

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